Complete honesty is expected from everyone in every situation. Even the appearance of conflict of interest will be avoided. Successful long-term relationships depend on trust and open communication.

Respect for Others

Each person is treated with respect and dignity in all situations. Criticize only ideas—not people and share responsibility. There is no room for abusive language or arrogance in relationships with others.

Passion for the Welfare of the College

Each person will adopt the perspective of the management and passionately pursue the overall interests of the College, while maintaining fairness to all individuals in all transactions. Personal advancement at the expense of others is discouraged and cooperation is expected.

Patience and Understanding

Each person will listen constructively, keep an open mind and take the time to understand with empathy before reaching a conclusion. Effective teamwork depends on the confidence that others care and are willing to take the time to listen.

Openness to Change

Continuous improvement requires openness to change, even though this usually causes inconvenience, inefficiency, and risk of failure. Olin College will constantly strive to innovate and improve in every area.



Quality and Continuous Improvement

Andhra Engineering College will strive for quality in all that it does. It will also strive for continuous improvement in all areas, and will measure its progress with appropriate national standards.

Student Learning and Student Development

Andhra Engineering College is a student-centered institution. It will strive to provide educational experiences of exceptional quality and a student life environment that provides for healthy personal development.

Institutional Integrity and Community

Andhra Engineering College will strive to develop long-term relationships based on honesty, fairness and respect. It will further strive to provide a safe environment that supports freedom of inquiry, protects diversity, and fosters a sense of well being.

Institutional Agility and Entrepreneurism

Andhra Engineering College will strive to minimize bureaucracy, cost and institutional inertia in all forms. It will further strive to accept appropriate risks in pursuit of opportunity.